We operate nationwide defending the interests of our clients, in any and all litigation labor lawsuit.

Learn about our areas:

General Litigation
General litigation dedicates basically to sponsoring lawsuits involving recurrent themes. Even though we do not practice in “mass litigation”, we are able to provide legal advice to a large number of demands, without losing the basic compromise of quality.

Strategic Litigation
We deliver a professional client service through our team of expert lawyers in strategic actions, public civil actions, collective actions, and senior executive lawsuits, as well as those with a potential to produce unfavorable precedents for the enterprise.

General Litigation Team
Aline Gaspar de Miranda, OABSP nº 267370
Aline Prado Loureiro Tofoli, OABSP nº 205.419
Arthur Rizk Stuhr Coradazzi, OABSP nº 259784
Camila Lupinari, OABSP nº 148978
Dora Aparecida Vieira, OABSP nº 125211
Fabia Andrea Zaninetti de Godoy, OABSP nº 139848
Heros Siqueira Di Tano, OABSP nº 303663
Leandro Henrique Batella do Prado, OABSP nº 247462
Margarida Rodrigues Milrot, OABSP Nº 228073
Natalia de Barros Lopes, OABSP nº 334254
Rafael Guarino, OABSP nº 197906
Renata Veiga, OABSP nº 303377
Renato Américo de Oliveiro, OABPR nº 3823
Wagner Martins Ramos, OABSP nº 159055

Strategic Litigation Team
Amadeu Tavares Faustino, OABSP nº 210726
Betina Ammirante Prado, OABSP nº 139581
Camila Rocha de Camargo Lima, OABSP nº 296264
Eduardo Costa, OABSP nº 383150
Eduardo Cury Filho, OABSP nº 111126
Silvia Yuri Kamimura Garcia, OABSP nº 125897